Is It a Good Idea to Have NSA Sex with Your Ex?


When asking whether it is a good idea to have sex with your ex and No Strings Attached (NSA), a question that many ask first is whether you should have anything do to with your ex at all. While many may see having any relations with their ex as something to be avoided at all costs, there are understandable reasons why more that a few divorced or former couples are now engaging in sexual relations that have no other obligations.

Have NSA Sex

What drives NSA Sex with Former Couples?

There are understandable reasons why so many people see their ex-partners and engage in sexual activity with them, even though they understand there is no hope to continue the relationship.


Arguably the most common reason is that those in former relationships know each other and were most likely physically attracted to them. The physical attraction is what remains, so former couples will often sleep together under the condition that there is no obligation or strings which they see as complications.

Lack of Sexual Partners

While there may be the right partner for you out there, finding them is often another story. Even with dating sites, finding that special someone or even those who only want to engage in sex is not as easy as it might appear. That's why the ex is a tempting target because there is a sexual history and the knowledge that it will probably not progress any further.


For some having NSA sex with their exes offers a form of freedom. The ability to have their sexual needs fulfilled without the issues of being in a traditional relationship. In some cases, that may be a good thing in terms of healing and finding new perspectives. But then again the feeling of freedom often passes over time or when finding someone new.

Is Having Sex with Your Ex a Good Idea?

Probably not. While tempting, once a relationship has reached the end, extending it by continuing the sex with no strings attached only delays the progress in looking for a new relationship. History is filled with couples who have broken up, got back together, and broken up again because they were not meant for each other.

Having sex with no strings attached either delays the inevitable or it provides a respite between the old relationship and a new one that has yet to get started. The problem is that having sex with your ex with no strings attached sounds good in theory when you are not seeking another relationship. But what happens when you or your former partner find someone else interesting?

However, just because it isn't a good idea does not mean that people stop having sex with their exes. If the relationship broke up due to unusual circumstances and did not naturally come to an end, then having sex may be the first step towards putting everything back together. Admittedly, this is an unusual circumstance, but it is one that many couples have experienced and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.