6 FWB and NSA Rules For Guys

by NSAdatingsites.com

Friends with benefits and no strings attached relationships are very similar. Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. If you have never had a formal relationship before, you might want to know the rules. Most times the rules aren't discussed clearly before the relationship starts, and there are always rules that you both assume each other knows.

Today we are going to help you out by going over some of those rules. The rules that we are going to discuss today are specifically focused on guys in a FWB relationship (or NSA relationship).


Make Sex A Must For Hanging Out

Friends with benefits should hang out sometimes, the friends part implies that you are friends after all. But you want to keep it clear that you are there for sex and not to create a traditional relationship. Every time you get together you should have sex. This helps to create a boundary line that these are not dates, just FWB hanging out together.

Movies, dinner, game night, etc., have sex.

Avoid Sleeping Over

Sometimes you might get so mixed up in sex that you need to take a nap, but this is all that it should be. A nap is something simple. Sleeping over at each other's places creates something more. Having a drawer, key, or anything similar to that is an absolute no.

Say you do happen to spend the night together, you don't want to create any signs of a relationship. That includes not being around roommates or families.

Avoid Cute Couple Stuff

There are plenty of cute couple things that you could be doing. Things that you might want to do. Don't. With a FWB or NSA relationship, you don't want to be doing couple stuff. This further propagated the idea that you are more than friends. Here are some things that you might want to avoid doing:

  • No Couples Pictures
  • No Dates
  • No Calling Just To Talk

No Social Media Interaction

Social media is the modern playground. People go to platforms like Facebook to connect with the world around them. Social media is more permanent than people tend to think though. In addition to that,other people see what is posted on social media. Do not post pictures of each other on social media and do not otherwise interact publicly on social media. That means no tagging each other or posting on each other's walls.

Messaging on social media platforms should be kept to a minimum. It is best not done at all. Text messaging and phone calls are the preferred way for friends with benefits to communicate. However, in the modern world, people are hesitant to share their number when you can just add someone on social media and use an app like Facebook Messenger. If you absolutely must use Messenger to communicate, go ahead. Just know that you are actually giving them access to more information. When you add someone on Facebook, you are giving them an eye into your life.

Do Not Skip Talking To Other Girls Because Of Her

If you find yourself in a situation where you are flirting with someone else then stop flirting because you think of her, it is time to move on. This is a sign that you may be developing feelings. During a NSA/FWB relationship, you should be open to finding other partners. Keep an eye out for women, flirt, and hook-up.

Talk About The Rules Beforehand

Before you officially start your FWB relationship, it doesn't hurt to talk with your new partner about the rules that you want to have in place. The rules we have discussed today are just some general rules but every relationship is different. Some rules are also more flexible than others. Sit your partner down and have an upfront conversation about what you want and what you don't want from your relationship.

A steady friends with benefits relationship or no strings attached relationship can get blurry after a while. It is is hard to get to know someone so intimately and not develop feelings. No matter what you do, you want to try and follow the rules that we have laid out here. The most important thing to remember is not to develop any attachments. You shouldn't feel like you need to or want to stay with your NSA/FWB partner.