How to Date Casually Without Getting Attached?


It may seem like a dream come true for many, the ability to date as you want without worrying about getting attached. However, this ideal does take some work and sacrifice on your part in order for the dream to become a reality. Plus, there is the question of what happens when you do find someone compatible, but they are only dating you because they do not want any attachment?

The good news is that casual dating has been around for many thousands of years, so it is an art form that has been honed considerably. The key is to pursue the path of casual dating so that you can see who you want without creating a wake of issues as a result.

Date Casually

Be Honest

You may not avoid all complications and still might hurt someone's feelings, but it pays to be up front about your intentions to those you are dating. Remember that not everyone thinks like you do, so what might seem obvious may be quite hidden in terms of your intentions if you are dating casually while they may want something more.

So, start off by being honest about what you want in terms of dating in general. This may cost you a few dates, but it is better to tell them early on rather than waiting and risking something worse from happening.

People Date for Different Reasons

What may be casual dating to you might be more serious to them. For example, having sex is not a big deal to some, while to others it represents a new level of commitment. You'll need to keep this in mind when you are casually dating, so it's usually best to take things one at a time. Remember, it's better to avoid misunderstandings before they happen, not afterward.

You will not be perfect, and mistakes will be made, but you can minimize them if you remember that the reasons you are dating may be different than the person who wants to date you.

Think Before Taking It to the Next Level

While it might be fun to think of casual dating as a new thing, it's really quite old. What is important is that before you take things to the next level, assuming that is what you want, to think about the consequences.

  • Does this inhibit my ability to date others?
  • Does my dating partner feel the same way?
  • Is this what I really want?
  • What if this is a sign of being more serious?

You don't have to ponder endlessly over what to do, but you should think about your situation, what you want, how the other person feels, and if this is the right course of action.

Know When to Stop

At some point, most people stop casually dating. Even famous bachelors like Warren Beatty stopped casually dating, so the same thing will probably happen to you. If it happens because you meet someone that you feel stronger about, then you should proceed a little carefully at first. However, by taking things one at a time, you'll have a better understanding of how to stop casually dating when the right one comes along.