How To Use Tinder To Find NSA Sex Buddy?


No strings attached relationships are wonderful. They allow you to enjoy sexual exploration without being tied down one person. Called NSA relationships for short, there are very little limits on what you can try and do. Where do you go to find a no strings attached relationship?

You can use any number of resources in order to find a NSA sex buddy. There are websites dedicated to NSA dating and similar casual relationships. That being said, people want a free option that has a very large population. People want to use Tinder to find NSA relationships.

Tinder isn't originally designed for finding NSA style relationships. Many people on Tinder are looking for dates in order to build up a committed relationship. If this is true, how then do you use Tinder to find an NSA sex buddy? Let's take a look.

Tinder NSA

Have A Great Profile

Your profile is going to make a big difference when it comes to finding a no strings attached sex buddy on Tinder. A stellar picture is where you should start. Spend time getting between 2 and 3 pictures for your profile. While it is great to have these taken by a professional, smartphone cameras are really advanced and you can do a lot with them.

Just have a friend come and take the photos for you. This will help to ensure they don't look like selfies.

The short profile that Tinder lets you fill out shouldn't be blank. Take some time to craft a witty little piece for your profile. It should accurately describe who you are. Try to leave sex out of the profile as that is something that is better brought up in messages.

A great profile is something short that describes you in a series of words. For example: "Adventurous. Caring. Movie Fanatic." You get two descriptors of your personality and something that you like to do in a profile that only takes seconds to read.

Read Every Profile

Tinder profiles are famous for being short. That is part of the fun of using the website. That doesn't mean they aren't there at all though. Every time you come across a person you are interested in having an NSA sex buddy relationship with, you should read their profile.

Should their profile say they are looking for a committed relationship, move on. Don't waste your time or theirs. Plenty of fish are swimming around in the sea for you to find.

On the other hand, look for people who enjoy adventure, non-standard relationships, and yes, sex. You will find a few people on Tinder who specifically mention that they are looking for NSA relationships.

Be Smart With The First Message

After you have matched with someone you want to be smart with your first message. You have one message to catch the person's attention and make them interested in you. "Hi" just won't do it. Something more creative and interesting is needed.

Try commenting on something in their profile photos or the profile itself. Or maybe try a joke. Introduce yourself. Anything that will interest them and get them talking is what you are looking for. Just make sure it isn't dry.

What shouldn't be in your first message is anything relating to sex. Your first message is about building some sort of interest and connection. Even NSA relationships have to build up attraction in order for interest to be there.

Don't Use A Cookie Cutter Approach

A lot of people who don't think before using a dating site to find an NSA relationship go about it with a cookie cutter approach. For every person they contact, they try the exact same methods. Sometimes people go as far as copying and pasting what they tried last time. Or what someone else has tried.

Be original. It is the best way to get a no strings attached sex buddy on Tinder. Avoid stereotypes and engage your matches.

Finding a no strings attached sex buddy will be one of the most enjoyable things to ever happen to you. You aren't limited to one either. NSA relationships are becoming even more popular around the world, and believe it or not, it is completely possible to use Tinder to find them. Just make sure you use the tips above in order to maximize your chances.