Learning to Spot Fake Reviews and Fake Hookup Apps

by NSAdatingsites.com

There are many different types of dating sites and apps out there. When you want a hookup or one-night stand, you want to find NSA hookup apps. Don't just choose any. It's important to find an app that offers a good range of choice and is free from scammers.

One of the problems with NSA hookup apps and sites is they can be filled with fake reviews and scammers. The people running the sites just want your money or want to get other details from you. Protect yourself with the following tips to spot fake reviews and fake hookup apps.

Fake Reviews Fake Hookup Apps

It's Not All About the Hookup Sites

One thing that is worth pointing out is that a legitimate NSA site can be plagued with scammers. It's important to tell whether you're looking at fake reviews for a scam hookup site or you're just looking at a scam profile.

When it comes to fake reviews, you'll find that a lot of the reviews read in the same way. They're overly gushing but don't give you any details about why the sites are good or bad.

If you find a site that has some good and bad reviews and it's routinely updated, it's a sign the app is actually a good one. The problem could be scam profiles.

Why Are Fake NSA Sites Set Up?

There are all sorts of reasons fake hookup apps are set up. Some will want your money. You'll find that you can't see what the sites are like without paying something. Good sites will at least let you do some browsing before asking you to pay for a membership.

However, a lot of hookup apps are free, so the scammers have to think of other reasons to create free options. This is where your details come into play. They may want your name, date of birth, and location to help with fraud. Others will want you to input bank details to then take money from your accounts. Phishing fraud is also common through hookup apps.

It's up to you to protect yourself.

How to Spot Fake Hookup Apps

The sites listed at NSA Dating Sites are all the most tried and tested hookup and dating sites and apps around. If you're looking at others, you'll want to follow these tips to spot fake hookup apps.

1. Check out the reviews and app updates

If you find an app that has only been updated a couple of times but is full of gushing reviews, it's a sign that there's a problem. Even the best sites will have problems to begin with. You want to see a site with some negative reviews. It means that there have been genuine users.

When you look at the reviews, look into the details. A site that's been through updates to fix bugs will likely have some awesome five-star reviews. Look into the details as to why they're giving five-stars. Genuine users will share their reasons, while fake reviewers won't put details in because they can't think of them!

2. Look into the reviewers

Now you've looked at the site, it's time to check out the reviewers. If you find hookup apps where the reviewer hasn't reviewed anything else, it's a bad sign. Okay, every now and then you may find someone who decides it's finally time to leave their feedback about an app, but this doesn't happen that often! People who review positively will do it for all the apps they use and not just a hookup app!

If they have reviewed other apps, check the details. You may find they review a lot of the same types of apps or they leave the same type of wording and thoughts. This isn't someone with a lack of creativity but a scammer quickly putting down their thoughts on multiple places to get around the system.

3. The focus is on the people

Fake reviewers will put a lot of focus on the people they've met on the app. The real reviewers put the focus on the experience using the app. Real reviewers can mention the number of people they've found on the site, but their focus is on the quality of the messaging system, the search function, and on the app itself.

Check out the details of wording and the reviews. Watch out for excessive punctuation and the reviews that just repeat themselves over and over again.

The best thing you can do is look at the reviews of any hookup apps you find. Whether it's on the app page or you're looking at reviews online, learn the tell-tale signs of fake reviews. This will help you spot the fake hookup apps.