Safe Tips for People Using Casual Hookup Site


Casual hookup sites can be a great source of fun - but it's very important that you understand how to stay safe when you're using any kind of casual hookup or online NSA dating site. There are people who will use these websites in order to target people for scams, cat-fishing or potentially even physical violence. Whether you've been using them for years or you've just signed up for the very first time, you'll want to follow these safe dating tips for people using online hookup sites.

Safe Hookup

#1: Research your hookup on social media

When you've find a potential hookup on your preferred no strings attached dating site, it's time to look them up on social media. You should search the major sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see if they have a social media presence. If they do, check out their information and photos to see if it matches up with the profile of the person you're in contact with on the dating site. If the person you're contacting has zero social media presence or only has empty social media accounts with 1 (or no) photos or they refuse to give you personal details for safety reasons, then it's best to steer clear.

#2: Meet during the day and in public

It can be tempting to meet up with someone for the first time at a night club or even at their own place, but this is a serious safety risk. You should always meet your hookup for the first time during daylight hours, and in a public space. This can help you better assess whether or not the person you're meeting has good intentions and whether or not you feel safe enough to meet up with them again.

#3: Always tell a trusted person the details about your meet-up

You don't have to get into any graphic detail, but you should always let at least one trusted person know before you meet up with your hookup from an online site. This includes telling them who you are meeting--send a name and photo or profile link--as well as where you're meeting and what time you plan to be home. On the chance that something does go wrong with your hookup, there will be someone who can give the authorities those important details.

#4: Arrange for a "safety check" with a trusted person

Safety checks with your trusted person are a great way to keep yourself safe. First, you should have a code word or phrase that you can text or say to this trusted friend in case you find yourself in a potentiality dangerous situation. And you should also set up safety checks; or a designated time(s) to text or call this person to let them know that you are okay, such as when you arrive at your designated meeting place and when you return home. If you don't contact them, they should contact the authorities in case something has happened.