Red Flags About NSA Dating


NSA (no strings attached) dating has never been easier than in the swiping app era. Your smartphone serves as a homing beacon for everyone you are looking to have a little fun with, but all this ease has come with a consequence. In this hurried time, you may only have one or two red flags to spot to avoid someone whom you do not want to hook up with. You don't want to be stuck with a stage five clinger when you were looking for just something a little extra on a Friday night.

Red Flags NSA Dating

Too Much Texting

If you're looking for someone just to hook up with when you both have a little down time you have to watch out for the companion who texts too much. This isn't the kind of relationship where you two are going to text all day about your days. Or how well you slept last night, or about your lunch you brought to work. The only texts you two should be extending to one another are where you will both be if you're both headed out for the evening and if you want to give it a shot that night. Maybe an additional text to let the companion know you got home safe in the cab or Uber.


You just got done cleaning yourself up and you're stumbling back into bed for a good night's rest and they throw their arm around you and move in closer. That's not what NSA dating is about. If you even extend the invitation to stay over, the last thing you should encourage is cuddling. Cuddling leads to feelings and feelings lead to the end of your NSA relationship. Don't let your no strings attached fun end because you tolerated a little cuddling after a night of fun. Lay out the sides of the bed and stick to them.

Things Get Too Date-y

This isn't some relationship where someone picks up the tab for dinner or they throw more than one or two drinks on your tab. So if they start showing up and trying to infiltrate your friend group, or they start to run into you on your stomping grounds earlier and earlier in the evening it may be time to wrap this experience up. If they start bringing dinner over with them or start to text you to go out to dinner rather than continue on your typical schedule, it is time to pull the ripcord and get out of there.

"I like you but it won't affect this."

This is always, one hundred percent of the time, a lie. They are going to try to force this real relationship into existence. Once someone catches feelings you either have to go the real relationship route or move on from the no strings attached fun. There is no in between, straddling the line leads to pain for both of you.