PeachMate Review

Online dating over the last few years has become a go-to for people from all walks of life. General dating sites tend to get the most press but you can find websites specifically dedicated towards finding a specific type of match. There is a large section of dating sites that doesn't get much light. No strings attached dating sites life PeachMate.

No strings attached is a casual relationship with no commitment. People have used traditional datings sites for these purposes but you have so many users who are looking for a traditional relationship that it is hard to find a casual relationship. So many people looking for casual relationships have turned to NSA dating sites that hundreds of such sites have appeared on the internet. Which one do you pick?

In order to help you find the right NSA dating site, we have written reviews for you. Today we are going to look at PeachMate.


The PeachMate Basics

Some NSA websites are big names in the industry, PeachMate is not. The website has a very plain appearance to fit a very plain website. That is part of the idea behind PeachMate, to provide a simple platform for people to find hookups. Simple and quick. Once you create an account, the process of navigating the website is incredibly easy.

Many dating websites, including NSA dating sites, have complex searching and matching options. PeachMate on the other hand keeps it simple. You can browse through the user base in order to find people who meet your general needs. A filtration system is in place to allow you to find specific ages, locations, and interests. While basic, you should be able to find what you are looking for with those filters alone.

Besides browse, you can also access a Tinder-like interface known as Hot or Not. You can click hot or not on each user. Your choice rates the member and also gives you the potential to match with the person.

The Price

The one positive aspect of PeachMate that everyone likes is the fact that it is free. You can use all parts of the website without any need to pay a dime. This may be why the website isn't updated and is very basic, without complex features.

What User Base

Dating websites are meant to have a large and active user base so that you can find people that you match with. Because PeachMate hasn't been updated for years and the owners are pretty silent, we don't know exactly how many users the website has. We do know that it is lower than other names in the game. When you login the number of active users you can find in your area is incredibly small.

Using traffic statistics found around the internet you can find that just over 300 visitors go to PeachMate. It is important to know that those users are not required to go through a verification process so there will be scammers and people with multiple accounts.

A Lack Of Security

Keeping safe on the internet is incredibly important. PeachMate is far from secure, their transmission protocols lack any form of security or encryption. That means every time you login or sign up, your data is being sent across the internet with the potential for anyone to capture. A big no-no in any part of the internet.

This isn't the only lack of security that you will find on the PeachMate website. Another big no-no is the fact that the website hasn't seen an update in years. The design itself is also a caution sign, something that indicates the website didn't have much attention put into the design. One might think that the whole design of the website is a phishing scam designed to get your information.

Overall the PeachMate website is probably a no go in the dating industry. You don't want to risk your personal information and the small number of users means that you probably won't find a match. That being said though, you do have alternatives. We have reviewed a number of other dating websites so make sure you check those out. Don't waste your time with PeachMate.

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