NoStringsDater Review

Dating websites are nothing new. People have been turning to the internet to find matches since it came out. Some of those dating sites are still around. Those dating sites are designed for people who are looking to find traditional relationships. You can use them to find a casual relationship but they won't be that helpful. That is okay though, because there are websites specifically for no strings attached dating.

No strings attached sex are casual relationships for those who just want to have fun without a commitment. These websites are known as NSA websites like NoStringsDater and there are now hundreds of them on the internet. To help you pick which ones to use, we have created reviews of them and are continuing to put out reviews as more appear.

Today we are going to look at NoStringsDater.


What We Know About NoStringsDater

NoStringsDater is somewhat unique in the online dating world, there is nothing written about it on the internet. No user testimonials on other websites and no reviews on other sites. It is pretty much a mystery elsewhere on the internet. You can access the website through two different methods: or Depending on how you access the website you will get a different layout.

The layout that you will find at the first link is pretty basic. In some parts of the design it might even be considered overly basic. On the other side, if you access the other link, you will find a website with much more detail available to you. You can see user profiles before even signing up and access more detailed about information, as well as an FAQ.

The profiles that are shown to you on the front page are not from your area though. We saw profiles from six different states on the homepage, none of them were from our state. In fact, besides the take a gamble profile, each time we reloaded the page, we were greeted with the same profiles in the same order. A good sign that the profiles listed there are probably fake.

The Number Of Users

According to  data analysis websites we can see that the NoStringsDater domain,, gets millions of visitors a month. Those visitors are not necessarily unique visitors and that is the only for sure count you can get. The homepage of the app version of the website does mention that they have thousands of profiles that you can browse through. That could be in the single thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, we don't know.

The Cost Of Membership

Dating websites don't tend to be that straightforward when it comes to discussing cost. NoStringsDater isn't any different. At multiple points on the website you will see that it is free to join. In the FAQ the company clarifies that all of the basic features are free. In order to do more "advanced" things such as send messages you will need to pay. That being said, they don't tell you how much you are going to get charged until you are going to pay.

Security Of Users

Security is important for those who are looking for no strings dating. NoStringsDater does require you to perform a verification email. By themselves, verification emails cut down on spam and fake accounts significantly as it is a larger time investment for scammers. That being said, NoStringsDater has felt the need to put at the bottom of the page that they don't perform background checks. This may be because of past issues they have had with users.

You are here right now because you believe that you should learn about a website before you sign up or rely on them to find a date. That is a smart decision. With how little you can find about NoStringsDater around the internet, we recommend that you take your dating traffic elsewhere. There are many other websites that you can turn to in order to find a no strings attached date. Take a look at some of our other blog posts to see other reviews.

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