The internet is full of people and almost since it was launched, web designed envisioned the internet as a place for users to turn for dates. Many dating websites have turned up over the years for you to find a match on. One thing about the majority of dating websites is they are targeted at those looking for traditional dating experiences. If you want to find a committed relationship, no problem.

No strings attached, or NSA, relationships are also very popular though. The internet has not left no strings attached daters without places to turn. These websites are just not as publicized. That is why we are here, to bring you reviews of all the best dating sites. Today we are going to talk about

No-Strings, The Australian No Strings Attached Dating Site is an apt name for a website that is dedicated towards matching people for a no commitment relationship. That being said, the name is overused and it wouldn't be hard to confuse this one. is one of the few dating sites that is specifically targeted towards Australians. Over all, the average rating for across the internet is 3-stars. Not bad for an industry that gets a fair amount of complaints from users who don't find someone right away.

Overall the layout for is pretty slick. It is easy to find what you are looking for. You can sign up from the front page or even contact the website owners for help if you need it. The features that you find on the website will work most of the time. There is more than one comment around the internet about how features will sometimes stop working.

More and more dating websites have been starting blogs to help users learn more about the online dating world. runs an advice and news blog that any first time NSA dater would find helpful. Even the experienced people might learn a thing or two.

Who Can Sign Up

It is important to note that is only available to Australian people who live in Australia. This helps to ensure all of the users are based around the same area and you don't get matches that are too far away. Using location based verification at signup, the website ensures you are Australian. By using the verification, you prevent scammers and phishers from utilizing the site.

Despite the fact that only Australians can sign up and two layers of verification are used, there are still scammers who do sign up for the site. Users report that a large number of the messages they receive are from fake accounts. A few fake messages is nothing to worry about on a dating site but if that is the majority of what you are getting it is time to move on. Make sure to report scam messages to so that they can ban the account and investigate the issue.

How Much Does It Cost

The majority of dating websites, including NSA sites, allow users to create an account then charges them to use essential features on the website. This is pretty fishy in most user's eyes and for the most part doesn't do that. You can use almost every feature on the website without paying a penny. Free dating? Hard to turn that down.

A few reviews left around the internet would lead you to believe that you have to pay in order to have certain parts of your profile revealed. That doesn't appear to be true in what we were able to find. In fact, right on their homepage there is a section that proclaims that the website is 100% free to use.

Finding the right NSA dating website can be hard. If you are in Australia, we think it might be worth giving a change. Obviously, no other users can use the website. There are some general NSA dating websites that you might find more helpful but they are not area specific and are not free. The choice is yours and please feel free to read our other NSA dating site reviews to help you get a feel for the industry.

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