How to Maintain a No Strings Affairs Relationship


No strings attached sex and casual relationships are extremely popular. You get all the fun without any of the commitment and expectations. Just because you want no strings attached doesn't mean you want a one-night stand. You possibly want a friend with benefits.

This means maintaining that no strings affairs relationship. There's more than just sex that goes into it, such as friendship and some sort of communication. Here are the top tips on managing the relationship to keep it no strings attached.

No Strings Affairs

Make Sure You Set Up Rules

While the relationship is more relaxed than a committed one, there still need to be some rules. You'll need to agree between you what you will and won't do. Some friends won't want to include sex toys in the bedroom, while others will have limits on the amount of bondage they want.

One of the most important rules is on how to say no or to end the relationship. If one of you gains feelings that lead to wanting more commitment (it happens to both), you'll need an agreement on speaking up and what you'll do in this instance.

Some people will set up contracts (and yes, somewhat similar to 50 Shades of Grey) while others will have an unwritten contract – rules between each other. What you have is up to you, but make sure you set up your rules.

Don't Choose an Actual Friend

While it can seem like the best casual relationship will be with a friend you know, this isn't something you want to do. Don't turn your friends into your no strings affairs relationship. There can be animosity when it comes to ending this relationship or your feelings can develop much faster and stronger because there's already that friendly bond there. You end up potentially ruining the friendship.

You want to set up a casual relationship with someone you don't know that well; someone that won't affect affairs afterwards. This means avoiding people in the workplace or the local bar. Dating sites like NSA Dating Sites can be an excellent way to set up your casual relationships since you can easily find people you don't know.

Keep the Meetups Light

While you may want to chat and send flirty texts, watch out on how you meet up. Grabbing dinner together in a beautiful, romantic restaurant will immediately change the vibe between the two of you. That romantic setting will suggest that commitment is wanted and you could end up developing feelings you didn't initially want to.

Keep the meetups light. You can still catch up over drinks, but head to a bar or a local coffee shop. You can then take the activities to a bedroom or a hotel room.

A no strings affairs relationship isn't always going to involve food. Any type of dinner suggests a date. However, room service can be a great way to replenish energy if you're heading to a hotel room for your activities.

Avoid the Friends and Family

Your no strings affairs relationship will move to a more commitment level when the friends and family members come into play. Don't be each other's plus ones at weddings, events, and parties.

Meeting the friends and family members suggest that you want to integrate your friend with benefits into your everyday life. This starts to imply you want a more serious relationship and you've already agreed on no commitment.

To maintain this relationship, you want to make sure it's all about the two of you. This means only being in each other's company. Remember that you're keeping this whole relationship light and non-committed. You want to have fun in the bedroom.

Consider Only Hotel Meetups

When you go to each other's house, you're getting into the personal space. A one-night stand is a little different. You'll meet them, take them back, and then never see each other again. When it's a friend with benefits or a casual relationship, you'll want to keep your personal space just for you.

Opt for another location for your meetups. This is especially the case if you're into affair dating. After all, you don't want your spouse accidentally walking in on you if you haven't agreed to no strings attached sex with others.

Hotels are a good way to step back completely from the relationship. It's more fun and you can pretend to be someone else for the night.

A no strings affairs relationship can be a lot of fun. Make sure you set the rules and pick the right person to make it easier to maintain this relationship.