Is He Just Casually Dating Me?


This day and age things have changed and everything has become fast paced. Not only the business or our lives have become fast but the making and breaking of relationships have become very fast too. Each day we see a lot of break ups and on the other hand we also see many new couples getting on the way of new relationship too.

There are a lot of people who love to date and the trend to go out on some unique dates have increased a lot. Many boys are looking to make new girlfriends even after having 2 or 3 already with them.

What is their purpose behind it? Why they are looking to make new girlfriends even after having few already? Well, the answer to these questions is that there are many boys or men who are just looking for NSA sex.

They make new girlfriends just to get laid with them in bed and fulfill their desire of doing sex with new girl and enjoying her body.

Well, for the girls this can be tricky. They think that it is some kind of special attachment or love that the boy is with her but she needs to understand they are only with them until they have sex.

Some of the things girls should keep in mind while enjoying dates are following.

Is he date casually

He Is Only There for No Strings Attached Sex

Your partner is only looking for No Strings Attached sex. He knows he needs to spend time with you to impress you and make you happy. When you will be happy you will love to spend a lot of time with him and your feeling will develop also.

You will start talking with him a lot and a point will come when you will love to talk dirty with him. This is the time you will tell him that you want to do sex and this is the point where things will get heat up between you. After doing sex the boy will start to ignore you as he will be after a new girl and you will start to realize that he was after you for only sex.

No Emotional Attachment

This is a valid point as boy will not have emotional attachment with you. It means that he will just think that you are just a source of having sex and enjoying a night. He will never love you. Being a girl you can judge this with his actions easily. You can put him into a situation to figure out what he feels and how he behaves about you. This means you can test him. He will not show signs of emotions with you and things will get worst.

He Doesn't Care for You

This emphasizes the last point very well. He will never care for you. You can tell him story about you in which you suffered from some tragic incident and see his facial reactions and you will see him not caring for you.

You can also call him suddenly and ask him to save you from someone and you will see him making excuses to reach you. On the other hand if you will ask him to come over to spend a night with you he will just come quickly no matter what he is doing.

He Doesn't Take Relationship Seriously

He will never take your relationship seriously. You can check to see this by asking him to stop doing few things otherwise you will leave him; he will never stop doing that thing.

So, these are things you should remember as a hot girl when a boy is dating with you.