How To Spot A Fake Profile


No Strings Attached dating is wonderful because you can find partners who are purely interested in having sex. There are no emotional attachments, financial attachments, no attachments of any kind. But because of the lack of attachments, NSA dating sites users are often the target of fake profiles. Fake profiles are used to fish information, spam other websites, and even for more nefarious purposes.

When using a NSA dating site you want to be able to spot a fake profile but it isn't always easy. Today we are going to cover some of the important tips to making sure you don't get hoodwinked.

Fake Profile Picture

Modelesk Photos

Most users on casual dating sites will look like a real person. Fake profiles want to lure users in. To do that, they often use fake photographs or model-like photographs. These pictures look attractive but they aren't real. If you stumble upon a profile with photographs that look too good to be true, chances are that they are. Even if the person says they are a model in their profile or when you message them, take it with a grain of salt and be careful when communicating with them.

Instant Replies/Automated Replies

In order to maximize the ability to catch user's attention, fake profiles will utilize automatic messaging. Sometimes these will be spam messages that you will easily be able to identify. Other times, the messages will feel real at first then as the conversation progresses you will be able to tell you are talking to an automated set of messages. An instant reply to your first message is a good sign that you are dealing with a fake profile.

If a dating site allows you to see if another user is on, look at the profile you are talking to. It is possible to catch another users who is online. At the same time, they shouldn't be able to type instantaneously back to you. Their messages also shouldn't look like they came out of a can.

An Abundance Of Spelling/Grammar Errors

Many fake profiles are created by non-native users. These people are from foreign countries and don't grow up speaking English. This leads to them having trouble writing in English. They also don't care as much about editing their profiles.

Should you wander across a profile full of spelling and grammar errors, chances are you have found a fake profile. This is especially true if they are errors that should be easily identifiable. It is important to note at this point that a few errors are common, but having more than that in a profile means it is time to start wondering if you are talking with a real profile.

Straight To Sexual Discussions

When it comes to breaking the ice, many users prefer that the first message be a greeting. They often want the first message to also convey something about the user. Leaving sexual discussion until the second or third message is always a good idea. However, if you message someone and their response is immediately super sexual (hyper sexual), it may be time to think about looking elsewhere.

Fake users know that discussion of sexual matters will draw no strings dating sites users in and make them want to communicate more.

They Ask For Money

No strings attached means exactly that, there is nothing holding you to the relationship. A user may be tempted to start off asking about sex but no real user will start by asking for money. You may be saying, yes, I know not to give money to a user I just met.

Sometimes fake profiles will wait a while before asking for money. Other times, they have come up with creative ways to ask for money so that it doesn't seem like they are fake. They will ask for bus fare or taxi fare in order to meet up with you for example. Avoid anyone who asks for money!

When you spot a fake dating profile it is important that you report that profile to the dating site. This allows them to clean house and keep the platform free of these kinds of scams. Even the best moderated of dating sites tend to get fake profiles, scammers work to become ever more crafty. You need to beat them at their own game by learning to determine whether a profile is fake or not. User these tips and you will be safe.