Flirting with a Girl on a Hookup App


You have finally taken the plunge and downloaded a NSA hookup app. It took several hours but you now have the perfect photo and bio for your profile. After trolling through countless profiles, avoiding time wasters, fake accounts, and everything else, you have finally got a match with a hot girl using the app.

Surely that's the hardest part done? Well, not for most people, as flirting with said girl is now the next big challenge with the hookup app. Do it right and you may have secured yourself a casual hookup with a nice girl. Do it wrong and you've wasted your time and need to start all over.

Flirting on a hookup app may seem daunting but it's a lot easier than you might think! Check out some tips below to get you started!

Flirting with a Girl

Avoid a Boring Intro Line

Nothing is less appealing to a girl than a boring guy, so with that in mind we recommend avoiding the boring intro lines. Yes, saying hello and hey may seem like a great way to start, but it's likely the 100th time she's heard it.

Instead, you want to be memorable with your opener and grab her attention. This usually involves a longer message, as these tend to have a more personal touch to them that she will appreciate than a generic compliment.

For instance, if you see something in her profile to talk about (like a shared interest) then use that to get started. The same can be said for an interesting photo. For instance, if it's a place she went on vacation ask her about that and start talking about travelling.

Use Her Profile to Your Advantage

Her profile is a gold-mine for flirty material. She has lots of info here that you can use to strike up interesting conversations that keep things going. Plus, when you take the time to read her profile or look closer in her photos, it shows you are a good listener.

Now, it's temping to just compliment her looks in a photo but everyone is doing this. Instead, talk about something in their profile, whether its an interest, their job, or anything else. Better still, use this information to tell her something about yourself that is relatable.

For instance, if she loves to travel, ask her about this and then tell her about your last vacation or favourite destination. She likes to cook? Tell her about the last thing you tried to make from scratch. There is always something in her profile that makes flirting easier!

Questions Work Well

Always try to keep the conversation going with more questions. Not only does this give more opportunities for flirting but you've shown an active interest in her, which should go a long way towards impressing her.

Ask about anything and everything. Favourite food and drink, TV show or movies she seen lately, ask her about her taste in music and for recommendations. Ask where her profile photos were taken, about her work.

A great thing to ask is where she likes to go for drinks or food. This can be used as a chance to ask her out - 'sounds like a great place, why don't we head there for a drink one night?'

Personal Compliments Go a Long Way

Now, she will likely enjoy being told she's hot or pretty but that is beginner material that she's probably heard it a hundred times. Instead, you want to be very specific with your compliments. For instance, if she is funny during your conversation make sure to tell her she is funny and makes you laugh.

Even if she has the hottest profile photo ever, try look deeper for something to compliment. Tattoos are a good choice for this, as is things like her smile or even the outfit she is wearing. Things that show you've looked beyond just her face is always a good way to get extra flirty.