Why It Is Easier for Girls to Find NSA Sex Online?

by NSAdatingsites.com

The internet has made it easier for anyone to find NSA sex. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. That being said, there are certain populations that find it easier to find sex. Being a woman makes it easier than any other category to find casual sex.

We know this is true, all one has to do is ask a woman. But why is it true? How come women are able to locate casual sex so much quicker?

Girls fin nsa sex

Girls Are Always In Demand

It is a very hard to dispute fact that there are more men looking for casual sex online than there are women. That fact alone makes it easier for women to find casual sex. Look at any dating website and you will be greeted by many more male profiles than female.

You could also look at non-dating sites that are sexually oriented. Webcam websites and random chat websites are filled with men trying to have casual sex or online hookups.

A Girl Can Get Sex Even When A Guy Doesn't Think He Is Looking

Girl's have the remarkable ability to turn on guys very easily. That means that while a girl might only want one hookup a day, for example, a guy will want one whenever he is turned on. That means women can continuously find men who are interested in having a hookup.

The ability to find sex whenever they want means that less women will want to sign up for dating sites or casual sex sites. Why would you do that extra work when you can just get it in person?

Women Tend To Say No More Often Because…

Women tend to say no to online sex more than men will for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is that they are used to getting messages from completely strangers demanding sex. No preamble, no tact. Imagine how frustrating and creepy that can be.

In general women also have to worry more about their safety than men. Men feel more comfortable meeting up with strangers than women do. Thus making them more prepared to have a random hookup. Rape, mugging, and similar crimes have made women more hesitant to want to have a hookup.

These reasons contribute to the above mentioned fact that there are less women signing up for dating sites. Just like everyone else, women will want to go where they feel safe and comfortable.

A Note About Quality

It is important to remember that just because a woman can find sex easier, doesn't mean that it is good sex. When reviewing the pleasure that men and women receive from casual sex, women reported less satisfaction than men. Less women orgasm during casual sex than men.

This is something that you need to keep in mind when thinking about all of this. Would you rather have a lot of sex, or less sex that is of a greater quality?

This Isn't All Just Guessing

An experiment was conducted on a college campus in Florida known as the Russell Clark experiment. This experiment was designed to find out how men and women would respond to being asked to bed. In their study they found that women turned down almost all requests by men. On the other hand three quarters of men said yes.

An important note to make is that when the same study was conducted and the participants asked about going out on a date, the results changed. The participants asked people around campus if they would go out tonight and both genders received about equal responses.

The idea behind women being able to get more hookups can be a controversial one. People have a bunch of arguments that they want to start over the topic. That being said, it is pretty hard to deny that women have an easier time finding sex online than men.

From this we would see that women have a much easier time finding NSA sex online, and in general than men. With the shear number of people turning to the internet to find sex, it would be quite difficult for either gender not to find a partner. That is one of the reasons we so strongly recommend websites for finding hookups.