Why Casual Dating Sites Are Always Full of Scammers

by NSAdatingsites.com

Whenever you get onto a no strings attached (NSA) dating site, it seems like you're inundated with scammers. They message you and immediately make it clear they're just interested in money. It can put you off using the sites, but then you start to wonder why scammers always end up on these sites.

By understanding more about the scammers, you can work around them and find the legitimate dating profiles. So, why are casual dating sites always full of scammers?

Dating scammers

They See You as Desperate and Weak

Let's just start with the main reason the scammers go to these types of sites. They look for desperate people and believe those who are looking for no strings attached dating are desperate and willing to do anything.

We all know that's definitely not the case. You come to these sites looking for casual fun but that doesn't make you desperate. In fact, you've done your research in how to avoid being scammed and how to make positive relationships through the sites to get fun, honest, and friendly NSA dates.

But the scammers don't know that. They get one thing in their mind and believe that you're around out of desperation; that you can't get a date elsewhere, so you're turning to the dating sites for it instead. And because they view you as desperate and weak, they're going to try something on to get money out of you.

With the belief of desperation, scammers have a place to play on the emotions. They think that they can convince you to do everything and anything that will benefit them. There's this belief that they can manipulate and pressure.

They Think You're Up for Anything

Then comes the next reason for scammers to be on these sites. You're looking for NSA dating, which must mean you're up for anything, right?

While some scammers will attempt to get your bank details or convince you to wire money out of desperation, others will work through extortion. Their plan is to get you to do something embarrassing or raunchy through the webcam or to send some photos, so they can use them to blackmail you at a later date.

And this is where many will succeed. It's important to keep your wits about you when chatting to people online. You just never know what they're going to do on the other end of the computer. You can usually spot a scammer because they'll pressure you into using the webcam long before you're ready. They aren't even that interested in the conversation beforehand, which even NSA dating sites recommend before anything else.

They Know You Have Secrets

There are times that scammers will make a home on particular types of dating sites. These are often those designed for affair dating, swinging, and other very private and somewhat embarrassing types of dating.

Scammers can do all sorts with secrets. Even if they don't have all the information they need, they can pretend they do. After all, they get away with hiding behind blocked or disguised IP addresses. It makes things easier to scam money out of you.

To make NSA dating sites work, the scammers know that you'll be honest about some of your situation. If you're on an affair dating site, they know there's a high chance you have a partner at home. Whether that partner actually knows what you're doing or not, the scammer believes there's someone in your life that you want to keep a secret from.

Even if they know your partner knows everything, there are other people in your life that you don't want to know your secret. Scammers can play with that.

Spotting a Scammer

Scammers are everywhere, but they do tend to find casual dating sites popular. It's important to chat to anyone you meet online and treat them with caution. Get to know who they are at first, especially before you divulge dark secrets or share web cam footage and photos.

Make sure the site you're on is legitimate. Check the browser at the top to ensure it's the one you expected to go to. Phishing links are a common way to scam to get all your details. If it doubt, type the address in yourself or save the legitimate link to your favorites so you don't have to click links through emails.

When chatting, check for signs like being overly friendly or pushy. Someone who is there for the same reason as you won't push you into webcam/photos right away. They know honesty and politeness is the way to go on NSA dating sites.