Ashley Madison Review

No strings attached sex are very popular and always have been. In the past few years, NSA dating has become even more popular. Society is opening up and people are becoming more comfortable looking for the relationships that they desire. And who doesn't want to have something casual?

The invention of the internet has really helped the no strings attached dating world. You can use any number of dating sites like Ashley Madison to find a no strings attached relationship. Special websites dedicated towards NSA dating have even popped up. Let's take a look at one of those today.


Ashley Madison, An NSA Dating Site for Having Affairs

Yes, the name Ashley Madison is a bit unique. It is one of the only dating websites with a person's name instead of a traditional company name. That being said, the name has become quite well known around the internet. As a whole, the website tends to be pretty well trusted for NSA sex hookup.

That being said, the main purpose of Ashley Madison is not just NSA relationships, but a specific subset of those. Ashley Madison is designed for married people or married couples to find fun. You can turn to the website and have a safe place to look for something more.

Ashley Madison has the great catchphrase of you should have an affair because life is short.

It seems a lot of people have heard that life is short. Ashley Madison has built up a pretty large user base through online and television advertising. With over 20,000,000 monthly visitors and over 5 million unique accounts, a lot of people have been turning to the site for NSA sex. So many users means that it should be easy for you to find multiple NSA relationships if you so desire.

Not A Community Website, But...

A lot of the dating websites that we feature here have great community features. You can share stuff on the forums or get to know people in chatrooms. Ashley Madison is not one of those sites. It is a pretty straightforward dating site with an easy to use navigation system.

When you are looking for an NSA relationship you are looking for something that doesn't have any connection. You can turn to any number of other websites to join a community. Reddit is a good example of that. But if you want to hookup, a site like Ashley Madison is a good place to turn.

Payment Options

Ashley Madison isn't a free website. You need to pay in order to use features such as messaging. That being said, you will quickly learn that it isn't set up like most dating websites. There is no month to month plan. Instead, you pay for credits and use credits to interact with the website.

The credit system is a bit confusing but essentially you pay somewhere around 50 cents per credit. However, you can make bulk credit purchases that allow you to get a better deal. Just make sure to double check what you are doing so you don't spend a credit when you don't want to.

Fake Profiles and Fake Messages

Multiple users report that they have received fake messages and spam messages while on Ashley Madison. This is a pretty typical dating website practice to try and encourage users to connect. It also helps to keep users active. A message notification gets you to log into the website and engage with the website.

It is frustrating though to see fake content on a dating website.

Website Information Leak

Because Ashley Madison's platform relies heavily upon privacy, it is important to mention that they recently had a data breach or leak. During this, users names were taken and released. The breach was relatively recently but Ashley Madison has already put into place measures to prevent this from happening again.

Overall, Ashley Madison has its shares of ups and downs, but they are a pretty well-known player in the industry. People tend to either really like the website or not like it at all. Don't worry, if you don't like Ashley Madison, it isn't your only choice. Make sure to check out our other reviews to find more options for NSA dating sites.

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